Thank you @dom_bugatti for nominating me to do the #ALSicebucketchallenge . I now nominate @bigdaddy_sp @h_g_3 @ayyitsaileen @william.sales and @dhanmars0524 . You all have 24 hours! Video creds to @seno_senpai #supportthecause

Just a few combovers I cut tonight. #loveyourcraft

Im tired of all these sleepless nights. All I do is think of the past. The mistakes I’ve made, the people I hurt, the one that got away, all that shit.



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Everyone say hi to my babygirl. I don’t know what “her” name is yet, but ill know it when I hear it. Any suggestions? See you in a few weeks! 🐶

I cant stop thinking about you.

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When you realize who your “the one who got away” is, it may eat at you for the rest of your life.


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